Mods Added and changes made

Farm tick will now be every 24 hours.

There will be 100,000 mobs, 95% hostile.

Meal affinities now go with the meal, they are not random for each player.

No Holy Ground-You will now be able to deed near the white and black light altars.

Sermons have been enabled.

Hitching Post Mod-Hitching posts have been enabled (they have no texture at this time).

Salve Mod-Healing covers have their power in their name.

Taxidermy Mod adjustment-It costs 1500 karma to animate a body.

We will be adding five portals with NPC towns with various features.

Price Mod-GM’s are able to set prices on traders/merchants now.

Crafter NPC-We can have an NPC that will buy crafted items to help the economy build.

Custom NPC’s-We can add custom NPC’s that can carry out various tasks or give tasks.