Content Update

6/18/2019 Server Stats and mod list updated and added more in depth info. Added a Buyers navigation item.


Buyers page will list available buyers by town and what items they will purchase. Prices will not be disclosed. Make an item and sell it to see how much the buyer is paying. Also, future buyers in other towns may buy the same item but at a different price! Searching out the buyers and developing your pofit margins per location will be up to you. Example: A city on the coast may pay more for tennons, sails and ropes while a landlocked city may pay more for candles, cloth and furniture.

Server Stats

Updated the server stats listing. Updated the active mod list affecting players. Added more in depth info for those mods. An important side note, only mods that affect players were listed. A mod for GM use will not necessarily be shown.

Server Content News and Update

Port Trinity Wasteworks

The Port Trinity Wasteworks has an infestation of rats! See Stuart Voss for a mission to clear them out. Located south of the Port Trinity Docks. This dungeon is your basic functional slash and splash style grinder. Also an excellent place for new players to search for that elusive first pelt. The wasteworks has minimal decorations but is considered feature complete, only a bit of decorating remains.

Kilfyre Crater

Work continues on Kilfyre Crater. The crater edge is about 75% smoothed around the edges and the bottomless pit that it was, has had it’s floor raised significantly. Lava pours out from within the mountain around the infected tree. Libila’s taint spreads throughout the area but for now seems confined by the lava flows. Be cautious exploring the area as numerous lava fiends and lava spiders have decided to call the place home. This dungeon is nowhere near complete and work continues upon it at a steady rate.

The Deepforge Boondoggle

It seems that while GM Irok was searching for the lost fabled city of Deepforge he accidentally summoned a blackhole and collapsed a significant portion of the mountain in upon himself. Restoration efforts continue at a glacial pace. Merchants destined for Deepforge have temporarily set up shop at the Port Trinity Merchant Square.