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Goblin Leader Hunt

February 2 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This Event is being organized and led by Ivanhoe.

Goblin leader Event – Sunday February 2nd – 4:00pm Eastern Time There will be an event portal available from Port Trinity The Goblin Leader will be pulled to the event portal area at 4:00pm – so please be early! He normally drops: A Rare Bone, the Goblin Leader War Bonnet, a 45QL Short Sword and a Medium Metal Shield. All players in local will also receive the title “Fearless” as well as a Vile of his blood which when mixed with a source salt gives a “potion of mining”. HAVE FUN – PLEASE BE IN DISCORD IF POSSIBLE – PLEASE BE ON TIME NO WANDERING AROUND (We don’t want to accidentally pull him) The Loot Rules for this event are: 1. All Loot is announced in Local 2. Each person (alts are not eligible for loot) present is assigned a number 3. Using the games /random feature the event coordinator will announce the roll in the local window 4. The player whose number is rolled picks any one item from the previously announced list 5. The event coordinator rolls again, if a new number is acquired that player picks from the remaining items. Should the number rolled be for a player who has already claimed an item it is discarded and the event coordinator rolls again until a valid number is acquired. 6. Once everyone in the event has been awarded one loot item all players are again eligible to have their number rolled pick an item. Rolls continue in the same manner until all loot has been awarded.


February 2
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm