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Roadbuilding on Stormy Isles

February 17 @ 11:00 pm - February 23 @ 11:00 pm

We are going to start having a week long event each month to get some highways built on Stormy Isles. The first start day will be on Monday, February 17th, at 11 P.M. GMT.  All skill levels will be needed to finish this job, so we hope to see you there. We will be giving out some rewards for your help, so please document date and time spent working on supplies or building the highway and give that information to Mynerva.  Below is a map of the proposed highways to be built:

Our first event will start with the road to the southeast of Port Trinity, near the large desert. There will be several bsb’s placed along the route to make getting to materials easier. There will also be markers placed for the general layout, but deciding how to build will be up to those creating the road. Ideally we would like it to stay as close to the lay of the land as possible to keep the amount of terraforming and surface mining to a minimum. Please use stone brick and make the road two tiles wide with one tile of gravel on each side. We will need people with digging skill, mining skill, paving skill, brickmaking skill and those that wish to gain those skills. If you have any questions please contact Mynerva in game, on discord or even on our forums. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Come and make Stormy Isles your project.



February 17 @ 11:00 pm
February 23 @ 11:00 pm