Roadbuilding Event

We had a roadbuilding event that started on Saturday, April 30th. The goal was to build a road from Port Arthur to Lumberjack’s Rest and also four guard towers along the route. Good progress was made on the road on Saturday and there were seven in attendance for most of the day. Thank you to Wighar, Kraetzin, Embersong, Lucassen, Stoneman, Jackobrian and Mynerva for the hard work you put in. Today, May 6th, the road is complete except for a small area that needs leveled and one guard tower is finished. We were entertained by a variety of mobs while we were working on the road, many of which were goblins. If you were in attendance, please see Mynerva for some souvenir goblin skulls in appreciation of your hard work.

Stormy Isles Bingo

Stormy Isles Bingo is coming on Friday,  April 15th at 3 P.M. UTC time in the Port Trinity Inn. There are no numbers for this game of bingo, instead there are common items from Wurm Unlimited that have been selected from a list of 75 items. You can win prizes by getting bingo or by bringing items from the list to bingo with you. You may bring up to 25 of the 75 items. One item will be selected at random and anyone who has that item will win a prize as well. We will play 5 rounds of bingo (more if we are having too much fun to stop). Hope to see you there for fun, food, bingo and prizes!! You can find the list of items here:

Thorn Cutting Event


The event was very successful and fun was had by all. Our deepest gratitude to Wighar and Embersong, both of which died once while attending the event. A gravestone was found and many mobs were killed, however we still managed to clear a bunch of thorns.

Thorn cutting event-coming up spades. 🙂
Wighar at Thorn cutting event-we found a gravestone.
Thorn cutting event-from this
Thorn cutting event-to this

Thorn cutting event-one day’s work, not bad.

Southern Crossings Canal

I am very pleased to announce that the Southern Crossing Canal has been completed. It was such a large project, sometimes we thought we would never complete it. Our community really came together. We’ve Dug 250K+ of dirt, surface mined, chopped weeds…I mean bushes…dredged, contoured the land, and even set out marker buoy’s. I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to this community project. It would not have been possible without your help and support. Thank You.

Domestic culling event.

The domestic culling event on February 7th went well despite only two showing up at the scheduled time. Mynerva and Aoife milked cows and culled horses, cows and bulls for an hour and a half. It was decided to leave the event portal in place for the day so that others could participate throughout the day while Mynerva attended to real life events. Aoife, Morp, Golaruus and Kate continued the culling and also milked, sheared sheep and ran from trolls. Overall a very successful day.

Before the cull.
After the cull.

Thank you to everyone that helped out. It has been making a difference in the variety of domestics and hostiles on the server and also seems to help with the lag.

Server News

All the portals at Portal Square in Port Trinity are now active. Each has a return portal at the destination for your return journey. As before, these portal only effect your characters, no carts or wagons. To make the trip just step onto the enclosed slate slab and you will be whisked away to your destination. You may be wondering where the portal for the Dark Tower is….. well it’s in Port Trinity and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Enjoy the search adventurers.

Goblin Leader Hunt

Today’s Hunt was rather successful. The Goblin Leader died quickly with minimal casualties. And the little bugger even dropped the servers FIRST sorcery item, A Red Tome of Magic. Congradulations everyone.

Server News:

Greetings Programs…. err, i mean Players.

At our last GM meeting we decided to suspend the use of traders within Stormy Isles. All Traders will be removed from the map Wednesday December 18 near the daily restart time. You will find new merchants in Trinity Tavern that will have your magic chests and special items for sale. They will be restocked once a week, however, should they fro some reason run out of stock early, Please contact me and I will properly penalize them for not remaining on top of their stock flow and inventory. Thank You.

Event News

We had an impromptu Canal Event this evening. I’d like to thank all the participants. We were able to move over 2k dirt in 2 hours. Well done folks. Sadly there were some hostile creatures that were not happy with us encroaching on their land. A pack of sand crabs took us by surprise, and a patrol of trolls nearly wiped all of us out. But in the end our perseverance won the day and the canal is well under way. Thanks for coming and enjoy your Sleep Powder participation bonus.

Server News

It’s been a long time coming, but the Altar Islands have been made player friendly. Now getting to the altars is easier for new character making the swim.. You may rememebr the old islands were steeply sloped and quite difficult to walk onto after such an arduous swim. Fret no more. After some GM attention and love, both islands now sport fancy sandy beaches and gentle inclines. May your gods watch over you.