Server News:

Greetings Programs…. err, i mean Players.

At our last GM meeting we decided to suspend the use of traders within Stormy Isles. All Traders will be removed from the map Wednesday December 18 near the daily restart time. You will find new merchants in Trinity Tavern that will have your magic chests and special items for sale. They will be restocked once a week, however, should they fro some reason run out of stock early, Please contact me and I will properly penalize them for not remaining on top of their stock flow and inventory. Thank You.

Event News

We had an impromptu Canal Event this evening. I’d like to thank all the participants. We were able to move over 2k dirt in 2 hours. Well done folks. Sadly there were some hostile creatures that were not happy with us encroaching on their land. A pack of sand crabs took us by surprise, and a patrol of trolls nearly wiped all of us out. But in the end our perseverance won the day and the canal is well under way. Thanks for coming and enjoy your Sleep Powder participation bonus.

Server News

It’s been a long time coming, but the Altar Islands have been made player friendly. Now getting to the altars is easier for new character making the swim.. You may rememebr the old islands were steeply sloped and quite difficult to walk onto after such an arduous swim. Fret no more. After some GM attention and love, both islands now sport fancy sandy beaches and gentle inclines. May your gods watch over you.

Kilfyre Update

Work continues on Kilfyre Crater. Progress is at about 18% but already Kilfyre is spawning some very nice quality adamantine boulders, many lava fiends inhabit the area so you might as well grab some high quality charcoal while you’re visiting as well.

Content Update

6/18/2019 Server Stats and mod list updated and added more in depth info. Added a Buyers navigation item.


Buyers page will list available buyers by town and what items they will purchase. Prices will not be disclosed. Make an item and sell it to see how much the buyer is paying. Also, future buyers in other towns may buy the same item but at a different price! Searching out the buyers and developing your pofit margins per location will be up to you. Example: A city on the coast may pay more for tennons, sails and ropes while a landlocked city may pay more for candles, cloth and furniture.

Server Stats

Updated the server stats listing. Updated the active mod list affecting players. Added more in depth info for those mods. An important side note, only mods that affect players were listed. A mod for GM use will not necessarily be shown.

Server Content News and Update

Port Trinity Wasteworks

The Port Trinity Wasteworks has an infestation of rats! See Stuart Voss for a mission to clear them out. Located south of the Port Trinity Docks. This dungeon is your basic functional slash and splash style grinder. Also an excellent place for new players to search for that elusive first pelt. The wasteworks has minimal decorations but is considered feature complete, only a bit of decorating remains.

Kilfyre Crater

Work continues on Kilfyre Crater. The crater edge is about 75% smoothed around the edges and the bottomless pit that it was, has had it’s floor raised significantly. Lava pours out from within the mountain around the infected tree. Libila’s taint spreads throughout the area but for now seems confined by the lava flows. Be cautious exploring the area as numerous lava fiends and lava spiders have decided to call the place home. This dungeon is nowhere near complete and work continues upon it at a steady rate.

The Deepforge Boondoggle

It seems that while GM Irok was searching for the lost fabled city of Deepforge he accidentally summoned a blackhole and collapsed a significant portion of the mountain in upon himself. Restoration efforts continue at a glacial pace. Merchants destined for Deepforge have temporarily set up shop at the Port Trinity Merchant Square.

Mods Added and changes made

Farm tick will now be every 24 hours.

There will be 100,000 mobs, 95% hostile.

Meal affinities now go with the meal, they are not random for each player.

No Holy Ground-You will now be able to deed near the white and black light altars.

Sermons have been enabled.

Hitching Post Mod-Hitching posts have been enabled (they have no texture at this time).

Salve Mod-Healing covers have their power in their name.

Taxidermy Mod adjustment-It costs 1500 karma to animate a body.

We will be adding five portals with NPC towns with various features.

Price Mod-GM’s are able to set prices on traders/merchants now.

Crafter NPC-We can have an NPC that will buy crafted items to help the economy build.

Custom NPC’s-We can add custom NPC’s that can carry out various tasks or give tasks.

Server mods added

Crop mod – Prevent crops from overgrowing

Inbreed warnings – Receive a warning when breeding related animals

Taxidermy – Adds craftable taxidermy kits that can be used to preserve corpses as decorations in different sizes

Non-combat Pets Mod (Minipets) – Non-combat pets are small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight and will not be attacked by other creatures and players

Location Command – Find your coordinates on the map at any time by typing /location in the chat

Bounty Mod – receive bounty for killed creatures, enable skill gain for bred creatures and a lot more options

Sacrifice Mod – Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits.

JPWM Offspring Names – replace or add new names for bred horses.

Fix moon metal veins being capped to 50

Server Downtime

We will be taking the server down at midnight Mountain Time, 9 hours from now, to install a couple of mods. We are going to put in the bounty mod, the mod to prevent crop rot, hopefully the livemap and the client modloader (if needed).