Server mods added

Crop mod – Prevent crops from overgrowing

Inbreed warnings – Receive a warning when breeding related animals

Taxidermy – Adds craftable taxidermy kits that can be used to preserve corpses as decorations in different sizes

Non-combat Pets Mod (Minipets) – Non-combat pets are small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight and will not be attacked by other creatures and players

Location Command – Find your coordinates on the map at any time by typing /location in the chat

Bounty Mod – receive bounty for killed creatures, enable skill gain for bred creatures and a lot more options

Sacrifice Mod – Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits.

JPWM Offspring Names – replace or add new names for bred horses.

Fix moon metal veins being capped to 50

Server Downtime

We will be taking the server down at midnight Mountain Time, 9 hours from now, to install a couple of mods. We are going to put in the bounty mod, the mod to prevent crop rot, hopefully the livemap and the client modloader (if needed).