Server Overview


  • 1x Skills
  • 1x Actions
  • 4k Custom Map
  • PVE
  • Dungeons
  • 100k Creatures – 95% Aggressive


  • Announcer – Server wide announcements for player login / logout.
  • Bag of Holding – A spell that increases the size of containers; proportional to the strength of the cast.
  • Bank Check Action – Check your bank account with an action that has been added to your body and hand in the character window.
  • Bounty Mod – Receive coin paid directly to your bank for killing creatures.
  • Bounty on Burn – Receive coin paid to your bank and karma for disposing of killed creatures (burning).
  • Buyer Merchant – NPC’s that will purchase items from players for a small amount of coin.
  • Crafter – NPC’s that will improve your items, usually for a significant amount of coins.
  • Crop Mod – Stops crops from withering once ripe.
  • Custom NPC’s – Adds NPC’s for use as mission / dialogue performers.
  • Delivery Contracts – Package heavy items ( Forge, Smelter ,Wagon, etc) for sale on personal merchants.
  • Dig dirt to a pile – No need to keybind it.
  • Discord Relay – See chat and talk in chat while in or out of the game through discord.
  • Fatigue – Disabled. You can still perform fatigue based actions when fatigued.
  • Guard Assist – You may call for a guard in any chat tab.
  • Harvest Helper – Havestable items will be listed upon logging in and by /seasons command.
  • In-breed Warning – Reports if chosen breeding animals are related.
  • Item Based Food Affinities – Affinities are attached to the food instead of the player eating the food.
  • Hitching Post – A craftable hitching post for animals.
  • Kingdom Items – Players may craft wagons, flags, banners, tall banners,
    tents, pavilions, and tabards with player made kingdom designs on them.
  • Lead More – Players may lead up to 6 creatures on ropes.
  • Location Command – Use /location to get your X,Y coordinates on the server.
  • Mini-Pets – Non Combat pets that will follow you around.
  • Moon Metal Fix – Moon metal veins have between 50 and 300 ore in them.
  • More Potables – Adds Herbs and spices not previously plantable. (Details Below)
  • No Holy Ground – Removes the 150 tile deeding restriction near the Altar of Three and Huge Bone Altar.
  • One Tile Mining – Players may mine exposed rock tiles without having to expose the rock around it.
  • Remove Conversion Timer – No 7 day wait to change faiths.
  • Sacrifice Mod – Tired of ‘Useless’ rares? Sacrifice them to your god for a 1 in 50 chance at a ‘Strange Bone’ of the same rarity.
  • Salve Mod – Adds Potency Level to healing covers. Take the guess work out of ‘How strong’ is this cover?
  • Sermons – Enabled.
  • Spawn Teleport Action – Teleport to the spawn point in Port Trinity using the Capital Teleport action added to your body and hand in the character window.
  • Spellcraft – Custom Jewelry enchants, Additional features. (Details Below)
  • Tax Configuration – Upkeep for a deed will increase if the mayor of the deed has not logged in for 30 days.
  • Taxidermy – Have a favorite corpse? ‘Stuff it’ and put it on display.
  • Waxed Foods – You can create waxed models of food, flowers, cotton and wemp to put on display without worrying about decay.

Mod Details

More Potables

Added to plantable items: Black Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Cocoa Beans, Grape Seedling, Green Mushroom, Ivy Seedling, Lingonberry, Nettles, Nutmeg, Red Mushroom, Rose Seedling, Sassafras, Woad, Yellow Mushroom.


  • Changes maximum faith value to 250.
  • Scales faith gains to new maximum level.
  • Changes favor regeneration ticks. Old system ticked every ten seconds. New system will tick every second but return 1/10 the favor. Smooths out the favor regeneration and reduces low level spikes.
  • When using the context menu for an item, only spells that can be cast will be shown. This also removes spells that cannot be cast on items due to negation. If an item has Flaming Aura, then Frostbrand will not show.
  • Allow priests of any faith to link to priests of any faith.
  • Enchant grouping changes. Weapons and rings changed so that each may have 1 Offensive enchant and 1 Defensive enchant.
  • Enables single player summoning.

Added custom spells to all diety’s: