Stormy Isles Lore

We are a weary band of travelers, friends, when we spot the shores of this fine land. Hungry, tired, in need of a bath, but we are alive and have found a place that looks like it may be home. We take the time to sail around the isle, looking for a good place to embark and start our new life. We spy the inlet on the west side of the isle and sail in for a look around and find ourselves in the heart of the land. As we sail through the high walled canal and come out into the inner lake our breath is taken away. This is home.

We find that this is a wild land with many dangers, but we have not come this far to give up. We start work on the first town. Digging, mining out rock, cutting down trees, building the things necessary to survive. We bring with us our gods and our beliefs, for who leaves those things behind?

Not long after we arrive some start to feel a call from a god we have never known. She is dark, forbidding, and strong. She teaches her priests how to fight, using her power. Many of us are unsure about her, Morrigan is her name, but those that feel called to her are dedicated completely so we include her in our place of worship. Time will tell if that is wise.

The wild animals and worse things come after us relentlessly, but we carry on and soon we have our town established. We are farmers, carpenters, masons, clergy, and tradesmen and women. We are not used to the rigors of battle, but feel the need to learn how to defend ourselves from the dangers here. With practice and hard work we are learning how to wield weapons and how to fight. We start to feel safer and better able to take care of ourselves.

Many of us head out to explore and find our own little niche in this world. We shape the land to our liking and establish homesteads. We start to build roads and businesses.

Now there are others that have come and found our lovely isle. Some have chosen to call it home as well. We are all learning to work together and help one another through this life.

There is a darkness to the spirit of the land. We cannot quite figure out the cause, but people tend to disappear in the night. Vanish without a trace, leaving behind only their belongings. Despite thorough searches of the island, we have not managed to find our missing comrades. Where are they disappearing to? Who or what takes them? Do they suddenly develop a desire to leave in secret? No one knows for sure. Some whispers about Morrigan have been heard, but so far no evidence has presented itself.

Stormy Isles still has many secrets and wonders to be revealed. We are excited to learn and explore.